How to help

If you are already a LoTW user, you can email me your list of LoTW QSL's so that I can extract the calls which are still missing in the list.

Here is how to download this lotwreport.adi file:

  • log into the LoTW users site;
  • click on "Your QSOs";
  • click on " Download Report";
  • in the next screen, make sure that the "Show QSLs received since" field is empty (unless you already sent me a file and remember when; in this case you can put that date);
  • checking "Include QSL detail" is not mandatory but recommended, as this may help in case I would have difficulties to identify the DXCC entity a call belongs to;
  • click on "Download report".

Once you got the file, you can send it to me (click on "Send me a mail" at the bottom of this page).

Good to know

  • Files I receive are used only to extract the new calls; they are not made available to anybody else.
  • Even if you already sent your file some months ago, sending  the latest version right now could be a good idea, as new credits appear frequently due to the increasing number of users of the system.
  • After processing your file (which I usually do twice a week), I will send you a short confirmation mentioning the new calls found, if any. For technical reasons, this information is based only on the list currently online, so it does not matter if another user reported a new call before you as long as it does not appear on the online list yet.


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