Adding South Sudan to RXCLUS


South Sudan was added to the DXCC list on July 14, 2011. This is current entity #341. If you had contacts in the 80's or 90's with the deleted entity also called "South Sudan", please note this one will remain in the "deleted" list and not be reactivated.

Unfortunately, the ITU didn't issue a prefix to South Sudan yet, so we'll have to use a temporary one for now and change it later, according to the ITU decision. As the call used by the first DXpedition is ST0R, I decided to use that call as the temporary prefix. Please note that ST0 alone should not be used, as it may generate confusion with the deleted entity which used this prefix.

What you have to do

1. Update the country database
This is done from inside RXCLUS by selecting in its main menu: Tools --> Update COUNTRY DB (Internet)
This will download an updated file including all data about South Sudan.

2. Add the new entity to your personal DXCC database
- in RXCLUS main menu, select DXCC
- make sure "Paper QSL's (F1)" is selected in the Display selector at the bottom of the page
- click on the Add button
- type: ST0R and validate with the Enter key
- move to the Country field and type: South Sudan then validate with the Enter key
- click on the OK button
- click on the Yes button to write the changes to the disk.

3. Restart the program

Please remember this is only a temporary prefix. Instructions about updating it to the final prefix will appear on this page in due time.