DXCC prefix updates in RXCLUS 8.5b

NOTE: this article is of interest for you only if you currently have RXCLUS version 8.5 or 8.5a installed. Its content also applies if you upgrade directly from version 8.5 or 8.5a to 8.5c (or later).

Five DXCC prefixes were changed since RXCLUS 8.5a was released, so it's time to put our DXCC databases up to date.

The changes include:

  • ST0R --> Z8 (South Sudan)
  • ZK2 --> E6 (Niue)
  • FR/G --> FT5G (Glorioso)
  • FR/J --> FT5J (Juan de Nova, Europa)
  • FR/T --> FT5T (Tromelin)

To make this process as simple as possible, a new version 8.5b was created (well, it includes a few other improvements too).

Your personal DXCC database can be updated automatically if you follow those simple steps:

  1. Download RXCLUS 8.5b (or later) upgrade from the downloads page
  2. Install RXCLUS 8.5b (or later) in the same directory as the old version
  3. Start  RXCLUS 8.5b (or later)
  4. From RXCLUS 8.5b (or later) main menu, select "Tools" --> "Update COUNTRY DB (Internet)"
  5. Restart RXCLUS 8.5b (or later). You will see a small box confirming that 5 prefixes were updated in your DXCC database:


Optionally, you may wish to use the other functions in the Tools menu to update your IOTA, LoTW and TELNET databases.