Error "wrong prefix(es) in your DXCC database" at program start

After updating your COUNTRY database, it may happen that an error message is displayed every time the program is started, complaining about wrong prefix(es) in your DXCC databaase, followed by a list of the offending prefixes.

This happens if the prefix of a DXCC entity had to be changed or if a DXCC entity was given the "deleted" statut by the ARRL (for example: R1M, Malij Vysotskij, is now a deleted entity and is currently the main reason for this problem).

The solution is:

  • write down the prefix(es) mentioned as incorrect at program start;
  • display your personal DXCC database (F8 or "DXCC" in RXCLUS main menu);
  • look for the line starting with the offending prefix;
  • if the prefix was modified, replace the old prefix by the new one;
  • if the entity was deleted (R1M is a current example), add an *-sign at the beginning of the entity name in the second column (for R1M, it should become: *Malij Vysotskij). The * tells the program this is a deleted entity whose prefix should not be check at program start according to the current prefix table included in the COUNTRY database.