Changing the status of a DXCC entity to "deleted"

IMPORTANT: the ARRL recognized on May 11th, 2017 that the deletion of KH4 (Midway) and KH7K (Kure) was a mistake! More details here.

This means the explanations below should only be considered as an illustration of the procedure to tell RXCLUS a DXCC entity was deleted, but not be applied to those 2 entities!

Changing the status of a DXCC entity in RXCLUS from "current" to "deleted" is very easy:

  • display your DXCC database (F8 or "DXCC" in the main menu)
  • make sure you are displaying the "Paper QSL's" part of the database
  • double-click on the name of the newly deleted entity and add an * character at the beginning of the name
  • save your change(s).

Please note the use of capital letters for Deleted entities is my personal choice but is not mandatory!