Test version using the ARRL's LoTW users list available

I'm pleased to report that RXCLUS 8.5h beta is available for testing.

What's new in this version?

This version uses the brand new official LoTW users list which the ARRL released for the first time on July 29th. This file offers 2 big advantages in comparison with my unofficial LoTW users list:

  • it is 100% complete for all users having used the system for at least one week;
  • it includes the "last upload" date for each user, which I could never offer.

The "last upload" date is used in two ways:

1. The manual "LoTW user check" function now displays the last upload date if the searched call is a LoTW user.

2. For each DX spot reporting a LoTW user, a check is made against the "last upload" date. If this date is too old, the call is not considered as being a LoTW user.

The delay after which the last upload is considered as too old can be configured in Options - LoTW between 1 month and 120 months (=10 years):

How to install this test version

1. Make sure you have a previous RXCLUS version installed, as the test version is only available as an upgrade (the final version will of course be available also for a new installation);

2. Download the test version here;

3. Install the test version in the same directory as the existing version;

4. Start the test version (a shortcut was created during the installation);

5. Go to "Tools" --> "Update LoTW DB (Internet)" to make sure you have the latest version of the ARRL's database;

6. Go to "Options" --> "LoTW", check "Ignore users with last upload older then:" and choose the number of months which will be the threshold for the rejection of inactive LoTW users.

Plaese note that I may be out of home for some days during the holidays time so I may not be able to answer your mails for some time; please be patient!